Clayton Smith handles ALL misdemeanor cases.

A conviction for a misdemeanor can follow a person for a lifetime. Theft and crimes of moral turpitude can be used against a person in many situations. In Texas, Class A and B Misdemeanors still have a possibility of significant jail time. Class A Misdemeanors carry up to 1 year in the county jail and Class B misdemeanors carry up to 180 days in the county jail. Class C misdemeanors usually result in a fine only, but some can be held against a person to enhance future charges and can look bad on your record.

Clayton can help you with your misdemeanor case. He will negotiate with the prosecutors to get the best possible solution for your case; some cases resulting in probation, and in some cases resulting in even a dismissal.

Clayton will file motions for your case if needed.

Clayton will try your case to a judge or jury, if needed.

Hire someone who takes EVERY case seriously. Hire Clayton Smith.

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