Best experience of my life with any attorney, anywhere. Period!
As a business owner, I have had experiences in the legal world in several states and for many different reasons. I have had some of the best attorneys that money can buy in many instances. I have never had ANY experience like my experience with Clayton. He is genuinely concerned about his client and the outcome of the case beyond anything I have ever seen. When other attorneys would have thrown in the towel; Clayton kept fighting. I am not at liberty to discuss the specifics of my case, but I will tell you that I am truly convinced that had I retained any other attorney in the Dallas market, my results may have been very different. Not only was he a hell of a warrior in the courtroom, he was a kind and gentle spirit with me when he was explaining things to me and helping me understand my options. I could go on all day with praise and accolades, but suffice it to say that I found Clayton Smith to be the epitome of everything that we all hope that we are getting when we have need for legal counsel. I will use him for ALL future legal needs in the Dallas market. Thank you, Clayton, for the way that your servant heart leads you to serve others selflessly. You have my deepest and most honorable respect.

The absolute BEST in Dallas
If you are need of a good attorney that is the best at what he does, then Attorney Clayton Smith is the attorney you need. He's has always and I mean ALWAYS kept me informed and not once I've had to track him down for answers. He's had quick dismissals on misdemeanor and felony cases. He works very hard and develops a good relationship with all his clients. He's also an attorney that will tell you the truth no matter what it is. He's the real deal and I am VERY satisfied with the service he has provided. You need an attorney that has your best interest at heart and I'll say it again, Clayton Smith is your man.

Clayton Smith helped me with my son who lives in Dallas. I live in Alabama and hired him over the phone after my son had talked to him. I immediately knew that he had the knowledge and mannerism I needed to handle my son's case. His previous experience in the DA's office and knowing the right people to approach saved my son from going to prison. I will be forever grateful.

Outstanding lawyer
Mr. Smith helped my daughter out of a bad situation. She was out on felony probation about a year ago for charges she incurred being young and dumb. Trying to keep things together and stay out of trouble she ends up riding with a friend one day and she catches another misdemeanor case. I bonded her out, but when she went to court they arrested her for violating her probation. She was assigned Clayton to help her with her case and he had been outstanding. He got her misdemeanor chargers as time served and get this she only had to do 2 weeks for the violation (usually unheard of). He kept me informed with her case by promptly responding to me wether it was by phone or text. He seems to not only love what he does but he also understand life challenges and is there for his clients. Overall if you're looking for someone who understands the laws and life Mr. Smith is the lawyer you need. We are very satisfied with his service.

Changed my perception of court appointed lawyers.........
When I was in county jail I heard a lot about court appointed lawyers not doing there job, but that is not the case with Clayton Smith. Every court date I had he was the first lawyer to show and other inmates wished they had him as their lawyer. I Highly recommend Clayton Smith if your looking for consistently.

Clay saved my life from a Felony that would of destroyed my life... I now have a second chane to vote and continue to be hireable in todays socitey..He listens and also a honest down to earth person that cares about your situation and most importantly YOU!! He has a real backbone and won't allow the "system" ram-rod you!! I highly reconmend him! THANKS CLAY!!! U ROCK!!!

Case Dismissed
After three long years spent worrying and wondering and waiting. I can recall thinking to myself, shouldn't I be doing something about this?
Well finally I did hire a lawyer who my friends all highly recommended. I paid him all of the cash I had and he made it clear that he will be expecting more.
About seven months later, I had to be in court. When I saw my lawyer he asked for the money and I said I didn't have any. He said well I am sorry but I am dropping you and you will be appointed a court appointed representative. And I was not sure how I felt about that.
But from the moment that Clayton Smith introduced himself to me, I felt that this was going to be good.
That was on Thursday. By Monday, he called me and said you don't have to go to court. I have spoken with the court and the case is dismissed! I couldn't believe it!
Now I will tell everyone what an absolutely excellent lawyer this man is. Clayton Smith, thank you very much

works miracles!
24 hours after first talking to Clayton, he was able to get my son's felony dismissed. He knows all the right people and he knows the law, plus he is very reasonably priced. Don't waste your time and money on big slick expensive law firms, Clayton is the go-to guy if you need help in Dallas.

Case Dismissed -- Great Lawyer
Clayton Smith is an outstanding attorney. He is knowledgeable, calm, and determined to give you the best representation. He takes time to speak with you and all persons involved. I was charged with Domestic Violence. The first thing Clayton did was to obtain and file an Affidavit of Non-prosecution. Next, he represented me in court (3 times). Because of his efforts with the Prosecuting Attorney, my case was eventually dismissed. I am retaining him to pursue expungement so my arrest and court records will be cleared.I highly recommend Attorney Clayton C. Smith

SO thankful to have Clayton smiths representation !
As most of Clayton's clients I have a unique need for legal representation and I am very proud to have Clayton as my lawyer! He is always working hard and is very knowledgeable about every aspect of his career he goes above and beyond and has consistently kept me updated with the status of my case . Overall, having him on my side standing up for me is enough to make my day to day life outside of court much more mentally and emotionally managble! Thank you so much Clayton !!!

Case Dismissed
Mr. Smith helped me with my case which was on going for about a year. They offered me 9 mnts probation, Mr. Smith said don't worry do these classes and we will get it dismissed. That is exactly what happened. I'm so thankful for Clayton Smith he's a very knowledgable attorney and would have represent me any day. Thank You for everything Mr. Smith!

I rate him a 10 and higher
Thank you Mr Clayton for everything. To me your the best lawyer I 've ever had. Dam great lawyer. I really really recommend him. He will give you the best deal he can give. You Guaranteed... thanks again. Rate 10

Great advice
Clayton guided me through a tough time recently when I needed sound advice. Because of this I avoided an embarrassing arrest. He answered all my questions thoroughly. Thanks Clayton.

The Best
I hired Clayton to represent my wife.....best decision ever. Very attentive, always responsive and reassuring. Guided us through a tough situation and got the result we prayed for. He's the best.

Case dismissed: Great Attorney
I was arrested for an alleged family violence/assault case. I called Mr Smith on a weekend and he was readily available for consult. He agreed to meet me the following day and took up the case. Due to his hardwork, diligence, brilliance both in and outside the court room and with the prosecution team, my case got dismissed almost immediately. He dealt with my case not only professionally but also gave it a personal touch. I'll forever be greatful Mr Smith for what he did for me. I highly recommend him.

Clayton recently helped dismiss a wrongful Class A Misdemeanor (Domestic Violence) case against me. He seemed like someone in control all the time, and never once made me doubt that it would go the wrong way. I strong recommend Calyton as a good and reliable attorney.

Great attorney
Mr. Clayton Smith is a very professional and reliable attorney. I was facing a class A misdemeanor charge, but with his experience and knowledge he was able to get my case dismissed with no problems. Everything turned out as I hoped. I thank him for his great service.

Best Around
If you want a lawyer works hard for you Clayton is your man. I was charged with a third degree felony D.V. Clayton was able to get the grand jury to No bill / dismiss the case. He is very strategic in he thinking and will give you the best defense your money can buy. I can't say enough about him. He was always available by phone. Again thank you Clayton for saving my freedom.

Everything you need in a lawyer
Clayton Smith saved my life and allowed me a second chance. I was charged with an Aggravated Kidnapping Felony charge over a dispute between myself and a friend. I did not hurt anyone, although I did break the law unknowingly. My previous lawyer did not believe in me She only cared about money, and did not believe we had a case/ argument good enough to succeed. I hired Clayton literally 2 days before the grand jury. I was desperate but hopeful. He agreed to take the case, reviewed all of the information, met with the witnesses and prepared a case strong enough for the grand jury, all in less than 2 days. The result was a no bill, nothing less than amazing. Clay was awesome! He was respectful, affordable (cheaper than the other lawyers), thorough and fast, but most importantly he believed and cared about me, and I think that’s what made all the difference.

Case dismissed
Clayton is a great lawyer . I had a class c misdemeanor assault and Clayton was very nice he listened and gave us all the time we needed he heard us out and responded in a timely manner . My husband and I hired Clayton and he walked us through the process until the case was ultimately dismissed .
Clayton gets the job done and he is very honest .

Highly Recommended
Clayton is the best! He worked with me on a felony Domestic Violence charge for over a year. He was very professional, kept me informed during the process, and even saved me money when they wanted to re-arrest me and increase my bond. Clayton knew the law, the system, and the proper steps to take to defend me. In the end my case was dismissed. I would highly recommend Clayton!

Excellent Criminal Law Attorney
Had a very good experience with Clay getting my case completely dismissed . I would definitely recommend Clay to friends and family if ever needed. He kept great communication during the whole process .

Outstanding Lawyer
We worked with Clayton after another lawyer mishandled my case. He handled the case like a pro, case dismissed! I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Educated, Considerate, Concerned and Effective!
After reviewing the case and speaking with my son. He made an Action plan and took the steps to ensure that Justice was served in our lives! He is concerned, considered and in touch with not just what the law says but he understands the spirit of the Law. He fought for us and we all won! He needs to run for office, We need someone who cares about Us, You and Your Family! He has my vote!

Highly Recommended Defense Attorney
Clayton Smith obtained a Non-Disclosure Order for me very quickly so I was able to get my criminal history removed from the Internet. He was very responsive and did what he said he would do. I would highly recommend him.

Best Defense Attorney in Dallas
I can't thank you enough for the outstanding way you handled my case and for enabling me to reach a dismissal without going to trial.
I really appreciate how understanding you were, your professionalism and responsiveness.
This man is an absolute pro, through and through. I recommend calling him first if you find yourself in a difficult legal situation.

Great Lawyer
Clayton is the best in Dallas. Vey tactical thinking and is always available to talk. I was charged with a 3rd Degree Felony. Clayton got my case No billed/ dismissed. In the grand jury hearing. He saved my freedom. He listens to his clients and also gives you the knowledge of a skilled attorney . Don't look any future this is your guy.

Clayton is just GREAT!!!!
My husband was charged with FV Misdemeanor. We spoke to many lawyers, everybody misguided us and was only worried about their fees. Finally we met and hired Clayton Smith. He assured us from Day 1 that things would be alright. He listened to us and guided us through the process. I do not have words to say how grateful we are towards him, He submitted all the required paper work and discussed with the DA's office, regarding the case. After couple of court dates we had the case in our favor. Anytime I have texted or called him he has replied back, when he is as soon as he is available. He knows the system very well. We will recommend him to all our friends and families. He is very honest and I think the best defense lawyer in the DFW area. Thank You so much Clayton...we appreciate all of your help.

Excellent lawyer
Clay helped me and my family so much they were going to give me 2 years of probation but he didn't take that offer. They give me 24 weeks of bipp instead and I'm already done with my classes and my case is dismissed thank you so much Clayton smith best lawyer out there.

Great recommendation
Clay Smith also helped me in a major way by getting me reinstated and released off probation after 10 years! In addition, I received only served on a misdemeanor. He has a cool personality and he makes sure he gets the goal accomplished.

Positive and set realistic expectations
I had a misdemeanor class A case. Clayton Smith was able to get it handled with realistic expectations. The evaluation of the case was complete and thorough. He provided candid direction with expectations that he could meet. Not expectations he thought you wanted to hear. Calm and humble. Definitely the lawyer for the job. Thank you.

A great attorney you can trust!
Clayton did a fantastic job with my case! He is knowledgeable, timely and well connected. Best of all, he is honest and upfront at all times, which is hard quality to find with lawyers. In a situation that can be very scary and stressful, you can rest assured knowing that you are in the best hands. He kept me updated and checked on my personal well-being regularly. I recommend him 100%.

An Attorney you can trust.
Clay did an excellent job getting the cases dismissed. I was pleasantly surprised by his kindness, concerned demeanor, knowledge and ability to make us feel at ease in the most difficult situation. Clay kept us updated in a timely manner. He is forthright and honest. So pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Clay to others.

Highly Recommended - CASE DISMISSED
You want to hire a lawyer that you can trust and will work for you and Atty. Clayton Smith is the one. He explained the process and possible outcome of the case. We hired him for a family violence case that happened in Dallas and we only communicated through phone and email since we are in CA. The case was dismissed before the scheduled trial, less than two (2) months. The other thing was that you can make payments (credit card) of his services that is less financially burdensome.

The Best there is...
If I could give a higher rating for Clayton it would be 30 stars. He exerts unbelievable professionalism and passion to his craft. Clayton also does what he says he will do. His advice as a Lawyer and a friend changed my life for the better. My case was dismissed which will help me with my opportunities and live life comfortably from here on out. I can't thank him enough for the this Win!!!!

Mr. Smith is a excellent lawyer. I first met him about 4 months ago when I needed a lawyer for my granddaughter. He came in with both feet getting information from her, myself and everyone involved with her. He gathered everything in order to do his job beyond well. Doing the foot work and anything else that could help her. I can say from first getting this case to the very end he did it all for us. If words could describe the professionalism, the compassion, the caring, understanding of our needs this would become a letter instead of a review. We can't thank him enough for what he's done. For a young man it amazed me how wonderful he is at what he does. I could go on and on but there are no other words in this small space to describe how thankful we are to have had him on our side. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH MR. SMITH

Mr. Clayton worked to get me the best outcome possible on my probation violation case. I was extremely concerned on what the courts would offer me due my violations but Clayton was able to get me time served due to my back time. I was able to go home to my daughter the same day. Clayton was very professional and I thank God that he was my lawyer. I highly recommend Clay to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney, you won't regret it.

Clay is very attentive and really took the time to explain everything I wanted to know, and did more than expected. He is caring and very thorough and did the best he could do for my husband on a probation violation. He takes the time to listen and responds promptly. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Criminal Defense Client

Clayton represented my friend in a probation revocation. He got her 2 weeks jail time verse 10 year prison time. We thank God, for sending Clayton Smith into our life.
Jenn R 

"I want to thank you very much...I feel as though you really helped me and I'm very grateful for everything." ~Former Client

"I would like to commend you on your wonderful work as my attorney. You were vigilant and dependable on all aspects of my case. You have worked with me through this trying time in my life and consistently been accessible for my legal needs pertaining to my case. I could never have been more blessed and grateful to have you to help me move forward with my life. For me you have stood as the light of hope in a dark time in my life, and I pray that you move forward in your career and can continue to help the people. Attorneys like yourself stand as piers of the foundation of our community. Please continue doing excellent work and GOD bless you for all your help." ~Former Client

"Clayton defended my husband in a probation revocation case and got him a very good deal resulting in a 3 month rehab in lieu of prison time. When Dallas County failed to give him his heart meds, Clayton went in and spoke to the jailers. My husband began receiving his meds immediately. Then when they could not transfer my husband to the treatment facility due to a medical technicality, the court wanted to put him in a 6-9 months SAFP program or prison. Clayton went back to court at no additional cost to us and fought hard for him resulting in outpatient rehab and finishes his probation. Clayton is a smart, wonderful and caring person and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a great attorney. He will go that extra mile to see his client gets the best." ~Former Client's Spouse

"Clay had an outstanding reputation as a prosecutor and brings this knowledge and experience to his clients as a defense attorney" ~Fellow Attorney

Clay listens and is also an honest down to earth person that cares about your situation and most importantly you!! I highly recommend him! Thanks clay!!! U rock!!!

From the moment that Clayton Smith introduced himself to me, I felt that this was going to be good. That was on Thursday. By Monday, he called me and said you don't have to go to court. I have spoken with the court and the case is dismissed! I couldn't believe it! Now I will tell everyone what an absolutely excellent lawyer this man is. Clayton Smith, thank you very much.

Mr. Smith helped my daughter out of a bad situation. She was assigned Clayton to help her with her case and he had been outstanding. He kept me informed with her case by promptly responding to me whether it was by phone or text. He seems to not only love what he does but he also understands life challenges and is there for his clients. Overall if you're looking for someone who understands the laws and life Mr. Smith is the lawyer you need. We are very satisfied with his service.

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